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Traffic Regulations

Everyone should adhere to the following regulations:  A speed limit of 10 M.P.H. must be observed at all times.  School buses have the right of way at all times. Do not pass up busses during morning drop off or at dismissal. Traffic violations will be handled by the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s office.  Students should be dropped off (no earlier than 6:55 am) and picked up at dismissal in the student parking lot near the auditorium. Students may also be dropped off in front of the main building; however, busses always have the right of way. 

Early Dismissal students and those students who drive to PM TCT must park in the student parking lot near the auditorium. All other student drivers must park in the rear student parking lot near tennis courts/baseball field.  The only authorized area for student parking is the auditorium and tennis courts/baseball field parking lots. 

No vehicles should be left on the lined area of the tennis court/baseball field parking lot after 2:15 pm due to band practice.  Upon arrival, students are to immediately leave the parking area and report to the 10 main building area. Students should not loiter in the parking lot. Students may not return to the parking area without a hall pass.  Student drivers are to always enter and leave the campus using the auditorium driveway.  Students/parents are not allowed to use the teacher’s parking lot or north driveway.  Reckless driving, loud radios, or excessive horn blowing is not allowed.  Driving and parking in the grass is prohibited.  Failure to observe all driving rules and regulations will result in suspension of driving privileges for an indefinite period of time. 

In order to drive to TCT, students must obtain a driving pass from the TCT Principal which must also be signed by the S.T.H.S. principal. NO PASSENGERS.  The school crossing guards are employed and deputized by the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office. All directives given by the crossing guards carry the weight of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s office.

Students who drive to school are reminded that driving on campus is a privilege and not a right. Failure to register a vehicle, reckless driving, speeding, or failing to follow proper parking procedures will result in suspension or revocation of campus driving privileges. All vehicles driven to South Terrebonne must be registered for identification and must display an STHS parking decal.