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Student Performance Data
Student achievement can be measured by a variety of tools.  Standardized tests such as the, End of Course Tests, LEAP 2025 tests, CLEP, Work keys and ACT are measures of student achievement. In addition, Advanced Placement Courses are currently being offered in English IV, Human Geography, Psychology, US History, Studio Art, Biology II, Environmental Science and Chemistry II. .Other measures include measured Progress exams, graduation rates, students’ pursuing dual enrollment opportunities, student enrollment in challenging courses, student awards, and student life after graduation. 

In 2005, Louisiana Department of Education initiated an End-of-Course (EOC) assessment program to support consistent and rigorous standards in key high school courses. In 2017-2018 the state began implementing a new testing system titled LEAP 2025.  Beginning with Freshmen in the 2017-2018 school year and beyond LEAP 2025  will replace the EOC tests in the areas of English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology and US History. Students are administered EOC/LEAP 2025 exams at the end of the semester in Algebra I, English I, English II, English III (class of 2019 will be the last testers in English III), Geometry, Biology and U.S. History.

Ninth grade students of South Terrebonne High School (STHS) take the LEAP 2025 exams in Algebra I and English I.  Tenth grades students of South Terrebonne High School (STHS) take the LEAP 2025 exams in Geometry, as well as English II and Biology. Students pursuing a Jump Start diploma pathway are exempt from the Geometry LEAP 2025 because this course is not part of their graduation requirements.

Eleventh grade students of STHS take End of Course exams in English III and LEAP 2025 in U. S. History.  In addition they are administered the ACT test in the spring annually. Students pursuing a Jump Start diploma pathway are exempt from the English III EOC because this course is not a required part of their graduation pathway.  

Twelfth grade students of STHS are administered the ACT through state testing in the spring and are encouraged to take the ACT during multiple test sessions.  In addition those enrolled in advanced placement courses take Advanced Placement exams in May. Seniors are also offered an opportunity to take the College Level Exam Program or CLEP tests during multiple test sessions in order to earn college credit while enrolled in high school.

Both Eleventh and Twelfth grade students pursuing a Jump Start Pathway or those indicating interest in a technical college are given the Work Keys test assessment in addition to the ACT.

Prior to graduation, current students must pass either the English II or English III EOC test, (for Freshmen of 2017 the standard changes to English I or English II LEAP 2025 passing), Algebra I  or Geometry EOC/LEAP 2025 test, and either the US History or Biology EOC/LEAP 2025 tests in addition to completing 24 required Carnegie units to receive a high school diploma on the TOPS University Pathway.  Students choosing the Jumpstart Diploma pathway need 23 units to graduate and must follow a curriculum which leads to an Industry Based credential.

ACT results from 2016-2017 school report card indicate that the average ACT composite score is of the school is a 20.2 composite as compared to 19.6 in the district and 19.6 across the state. 40% of our students score an 21or higher on the ACT or earn a gold level on Workkeys assessment tests.

Advanced Placement test results and CLEP test results from 2017-2018 indicate an increase in the number of students earning college credits before exiting high school.

South Terrebonne High School has a graduation rate of 76%  compared to the state average of 76%.

South Terrebonne High School’s 2016-2017 growth SPS (school performance score) is 107.6 and is listed as an “A” school.

STHS is currently on a seven period day schedule which was initially implemented in 2014-2015, 

Many STHS students take advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered at the school.  The number of students enrolled in challenging courses (honors and gifted classes) has remained steady throughout the last 5 years.  Honors classes are offered in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in grades nine and ten.  Pre-AP and AP courses are available to all students in grades eleven and twelve. Gifted Research is provided for academically gifted students. Gifted programs in Art and Drama are offered as a pull out program.

Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment courses for college credit in addition to their high school courses and seniors have the additional opportunity to earn credit through CLEP examination.

STHS students travel different roads as they depart our campus.  An average of 50% of graduates enroll in a four year college, 3% join the military, 30 % attend a 2 year college technical college or  training schools, and 3 % go directly to work. . 

Student and Community Demographic Data
South Terrebonne High School, is a rural school with an enrollment of 969, is comprised of approximately 70.1% white, 10.5 % black, 15.9 % native American, 2.9 % Hispanic, and  0.5% Asian.                   

Students who attend the school come from a socio-economical diverse background.  The school accommodates students who live in the city, country, and coastal communities. The school serves the communities of Bourg, Montegut, Point-aux-chenes, Chauvin, Upper Little Caillou, Cocodrie, Boudreaux Canal and East Houma.  Parents of these students have diverse educational backgrounds varying from the high school drop-out to the college-degreed.  Educational attainment levels provided by the 2017 Census indicates 77.8 % of the population served by Terrebonne Parish Schools have a high school education, 14.3 % have a bachelors’ degree or higher, and 3.3% have less than a high school education. According to the 2017 Census, 21.1 % of the population of Terrebonne Parish lives at or below the poverty level.

South Terrebonne High school has approximately 56% of our students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Sources of school revenue include sales tax funds, parish allotments, Title monies, and community support. 

School Characteristics
South Terrebonne High School is a public high school that has been in existence since 1961.  The school houses grades 9 – 12. STHS is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools with renewal in 2014. 

The school is a member of the 7-4A “Bayou District” and offers many sports including football, volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, tennis, cross country, swimming, cheerleaders, and dance team.  There are also many clubs and organizations for student participation including student council, National Honor Society, COE, DECA, STOMP, 4-H, art, spirit club, destination imagination, G3 (Gators gone Godly), Drama Club, Quiz Bowl, and Key Club.

There are 969 students enrolled at STHS for the current school year.  The length of the school year is 182 days of which students attend 177 days.  The school day begins at 7:15 and ends at 2:15.  The school is operated on the seven period day schedule with seven 55 minute classes constituting a full day of class.  STHS employs 54 instructional support staff of which 50 are teachers.   There are three administrators and one master teacher also employed at STHS.  Student-teacher ratios average 22 to 1.  Administrator-teacher ratio is 18 to 1. 

The counselors’ office operates with three counselors and one secretary. Counselors are assigned by grade level with the counselor-student ratio  being is 258 to 1 in grade 9; 249 to 1 in grade 10 and 462 to 1 for grades 11 and 12. One counselor holds National Board certification and is an American School Counselors Association National Semi-finalist for 2015. Curriculum offerings are varied to accommodate individual student needs.  Students receive a parish scheduling guide yearly which is maintained by a South Terrebonne counselor and is used to aid students across the parish in choosing courses. 

During the 1999-2000 school year STHS implemented as part of a district-wide program a dress code and I.D. policy.  These policies have been implemented with the philosophy that a more secure environment will result by promoting an atmosphere for greater discipline, circumventing distractions and social connotations in an effort to increase learning opportunities.  A statewide grading scale has been adopted as of the 2011-2012 school year and is listed below:

Grading Scale                           Honors Classes

93-100 A                                     90-100   A

85-92   B                                     80-89     B

75-84  C                                      70-79      C

74-67  D                                      60-69       D

66-0    F                                       59-0         F

Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment course averages are calculated on a 5 point weighted grading scale.