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National Honor Society

National Honors Society

The Golden Rules...
  • Honor Society Members must bring in cans. At least 10 cans per 9 weeks.
  • Bring items for the committees you are assigned to.
  • Keep your grades up or you will be dismissed.
  • Show up for meetings every time one is announced.
  • Get at least 25 service hours by the end of the year.
2021 Induction Ceremony
honor society
Click the image for a Youtube video of the induction ceremony.
Can Collection

This is a major task for all Honor Society Members!!!

Honor Society is collecting cans for the Good Samaritan Food Bank of Terrebonne. All Honor Society Members must bring in canned food items every 9 weeks. They must turn in at least 10 cans per 9 weeks or 40 cans a year. These must be canned food items only. No food that is plastic wrapped, CANS ONLY!!! If you have any questions ask Mrs. Thibodeaux or Mrs. Sallean.

  • Scholarship:  Minimum 3.5 GPA
  • Character:  Nothing lower than a "B" in conduct, no major office referrals
  • Leadership:  Teacher/Sponsor/Coach recommendations
  • Service:  active in organizations on and off campus (this includes sports/club membership, church or other community service, or volunteer work)

If you meet the GPA requirement, you will receive an invitation in the beginning of your Junior or Senior year to apply for membership. A panel of teachers will review your academic record and application.

Keep your grades up and get involved, and we could be seeing you soon!


Nikki Thibodeaux

Danielle Sallean

Glenn Sallean


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Meeting Times

Every other Thursday
at lunch in Rm. 231