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2018 Parish Science Fair Winners

Animal Science

Honorable Mention - Makayla Neal


3rd Place - Shea Pitre

Behavioral and Social Science 

Honorable Mention - Emily Arceneaux

3rd Place - Lindsey Dupre

Earth and Environmental Science

2nd Place - Celeste Naquin

Energy: Physical

2nd Place - Tim Pham

Engineering Mechanics

Honorable Mention - Reuben Mercadal

Material Science

1st Place - Guiliana Chinchilla


Honorable Mention - Alayna Pellegrin

1st Place - Kyle Keneker


Honorable Mention - Alyssa Bourg

3rd Place - Carley Pinel

2nd Place - Austin Boudreaux


2nd Place - Haylie St. Pierre and Abbie Lyons

1st Place - Klaire Danos and Brooke Foreman

TASTE Award - Kyle Keneker

US Stockholm Junior Water Prize - Kyle Keneker

NOAA Award - Kyle Keneker

US Air Force Award - Kyle Keneker

Johnson & Johnson Visual Arts Award - Marley Dardar

Runner-Up Overall Award - Kyle Keneker

All 1st Place winners will compete at the State Science Fair held at LSU in March.

Kyle Keneker will compete at the International Science Fair held in Phoenix in May.

2017 Parish Science Fair Winners

Team Awards

          Honorable Mention - Alyssa Hernandez and Ariel Davis

3rd Place - Jenna Belanger and Elizabeth Gilmore

1st Place - Shea Miller and Chelsey Picou

Animal Science

2nd Place - Kobe Robichaux

1st Place - Mackenzie Martin

Biomedical and Health Sciences

2nd Place - Troy Sawasaki


Honorable Mention - Aurora Redman

3rd Place - Hannah Porche

2nd Place - Hannah Ordoyne

Engineering Mechanics

2nd Place - Jennifer Lapeyrouse

Materials Science

2nd Place - Ryan Donaldson

1st Place - Kylee Porche

Physics and Astronomy

1st Place - Tessa Rodrigue

Plant Science

3rd Place - Brandon Boudreaux

2nd Place - Jacob Borne

Terrebonne Association of Science Teachers and Educators Award

Kylee Porche

Air Force Award

Mackenzie Martin, Kylee Porche, and Tessa Rodrigue

Biophysics Award

Mackenzie Martin

J and J Visual Presentation Award

Hannah Porche

Grand Prize Runner Up - Kylee Porche

Grand Prize Winner - Mackenzie Martin

All first place winners will compete at the state science fair held at LSU in March.

Mackenzie Martin and Kylee Porche will move on to compete at the International Science Fair in Los Angeles, California, in May.

2015 Science Fair

1st Place/State Qualifiers

Animal Science - Brooke Pellegrin

Behavioral and Social Sciences - Lexie Pellegrin

Biomedical and Health Sciences - Adeline Martin

Chemistry - Nicholas Brunet

Energy: Chemical - Lindsey Authement

Energy: Physical -  Kelci Lyons

Engineering Mechanics - Mackensie Martin

Environmental Engineering - Gabrielle White

Material Science - Abbie Thibodaux

Microbiology - Bailey Dupre

Plant Sciences - Jenna Brunet

Physics and Astronomy - Ridge Arceneaux

Team Projects - Shelby Dreadin & Katelyn LeBoeuf


All 1st place winners will move on to compete at the parish fair on January 26


Adrianna Adams

Intro to Engineering

Physics Honors

Environmental Science AP



College: Nicholls State University


Chris Brown

Forensic Science

Chemistry Honors


Chemistry II AP


College: Nicholls State University

Kellie Champagne

Biology I


College: Nicholls State University

Francis Labat

Environmental Science

Environmental Science H



College: Nicholls State University

Masters +30

Gina Rhodes

Biology II

Biology I Honors

Biology II AP


College: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Glenn Sallean

Physical Science


College: Nicholls State University

Mary Theriot

Environmental Science

Biology I


College: Nicholls State University